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I'm actually not a big fan of this song but it's only because it's not really the techno style that I'm in to (prefer more minimal). However, I do want to say that I think you've done a really good job producing this track and I think it's got a lot of potential.

Although I did want to mention that I found the bass was a bit overpowering after the build-up. I think if you just brought it down a notch is wouldn't be so distracting. I also found that the 'chorus' was a bit anti-climatic. I think you need something a little more rhythmic in there to give it more drive.

Nevertheless, well done on the track.

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durn responds:

Yee-haw, Jim-bobby! :) Thanks for the critical review, dude. I actually thought the bass was a bit soft myself as it's supposed to be the driving force but I feel ya just the same. As for the chorus, I wanted it that way, I'm a sucker for giving people a reason to raise their lighter (eep, I'm old, is it cellphones now?) in the air. ;) Not saying you're not right, just that I'm weird. :D

Agree with KarismatiK

Not a bad song... but it's not Dubstep, it's "Breakbeat" or "Breaks".

Nice tune though, definitely got a good groove.

Nice one...

I really like this one mate, it's very Noisia. Good work.

Loving the flute....

Really nice tune you've got here mate. Proper messy but driving at the same time. The overall production is also pretty decent, although I'm not so sure about the snare sound... seems a little high end and weak if you catch my drift.

Everything else if pretty much amazing though. I'm loving all the dischords and whatnot. Good work mate, this is a class tune.

Very nice...

I can't say I'm surprised this song hasn't got a higher score but it definitely deserves one. It's very well produced and really interesting to listen to. I felt a bit of Aphex Twin in this as it strangely reminded me of his song 'Ventolin'.

I would have liked to hear it progress in to something a bit different later on in the song although what you have already is pretty awesome. Anyway it's a 9/10 and 5/5 from me.

I think I'm gonna check out some more of your stuff now... good work.

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Quarl responds:

Thanks sir. I never heard Ventolin but I love Aphex Twin's work. There's still some time before the comp ends, so who knows... maybe I'll add a climax to the climax.


Side chain, side chain, side chain, lol.

Seriously though, this is some really nice house music. It's well produced and has that dancability. I'm a little firghtened to share my opinion on where you should take this piece as so many people are praising you for what you've done. But I can honestly say that a bit more variety in this song could make it a 10/10. It could do with a melodic change as well as a rhythm chage.

But thats only my opinion. Good work. I'm very impressed,

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BrokenCrossfader responds:

ha dont be frightened speak your mind, i need as much advice as i can get :)


This is a tune mate. It's very minimal but it definitely got my head nodding. Heavy bass and beat. Good use of samples as well.

It's a good dubstep track mate.

Want to check out my lastest dubstep song? It's called "Too filthy for you". Let me know what you think.

First dubstep attempt?

I'm guessing this was your first dubstep attempt as you've only recently been exposed to it. You've definitely captured that dubstep style, heavy powerful bass, with basically minimal everything else.

However, I think the beat could use a little jazzing up. I think there's a distinct lact of snare which is essential in dubstep.

All in all you've done a goof job on the wobble bass but the track seems to be a little unstructured and the beat a little weak. But a first track is a first track and I'm sure you'll have made vast improvements by the time you finish your next one.

Good job, and welcome to dubstep ;)

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musical-lechery responds:

Thanks for the review. Yeah this is my first attempt at anything close to dubstep. The first time I heard any I was trippin face and just fell in love with the bass.

But I'd like you to explain a little more what you mean by the track bein unstructured and the beat a little weak. I know the beat is a little minimal for the genre if that's what you mean.

Also, how was the mixing? Depending on what sound system I use the bass seems to be too loud sometimes and it distorts other sounds but on other systems it sounds like candy.

If you don't mind giving me a little more insight on dubstep I'd greatly appreciate it.

I like it...

I can't really criticise if I'm honest. It's very well produced, it's catchy and it just sounds right.

I think your right about the rapping, but I think it would work well with some decent MCing over the top.

This would make epic credits music. I can well imagine this being used in some sort of flash. Good work mate, keep these coming and you'll be very popular.

Signed... pah...

... is what I thought when I read the comments. But after listening to this loop I'm actually very impressed. It's very well produced and seems to have all the elements necessary for a popular trance track.

Well done mate, I sincerely hope you get that record deal.

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How about those bad boy glasses? Minimal style music composer. Reviews always welcome, cheers.

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