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This goes to show how animation, when done well, can bring even the simplest of stories to life. Yes the story isn't complicated, but it doesn't need to be when you have all the intricacies happening within the scene.

5 Star Animation
5 Star Attention to Detail
5 Star Sound Track
= 5 Star Short Movie

I raise my hat to you.

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This was pretty weird man...

Pretty weird man. Talking eggs on an Alien spaceship... fair enough. Top animation man. Good work.

This is really funny...

Redneck humour is always funny. I think the people that voted low don't actually get this!

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I really enjoyed this game. Great graphics, catchy music and generally good fun.

Good work!

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tinime responds:

Thanks . :)

Not a bad effort.

I like the concept. Very simple design and easy to play. However, it was far too easy. I raced through it completing most levels in under 10 seconds. I also found the music a little boring after a while. I think this could be a pretty good game if you worked on it a bit more.


Maybe you could have different zones. Different backgrounds to keep interest with a different song for each zone.

More complicated shapes. Would have been nice to at least see a circle or two.

Different types of broadcasting towers. Perhaps one that could rotate a signal (like a lighthouse) or ones that could penetrate through certain barriers.

Anyway, all in all a good effort. I think you've got the basis here but could possibly have been a little more creative.

Awesome game

I thought this game was wicked. Being from England I liked the fact that you used the UK so dominantly ;) I thought the graphics were awesome. I did find it pretty hard though, which isn't such a bad thing but found myself in impossible situations quite often.

Also thank you for using my music, even though it's just a short loop, it was a privilege to hear it in a game that is actually worth playing.

Good work man, it's a 5 from me.

I-smel responds:

All the music in this game is fucking excellent.

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I'm actually not a big fan of this song but it's only because it's not really the techno style that I'm in to (prefer more minimal). However, I do want to say that I think you've done a really good job producing this track and I think it's got a lot of potential.

Although I did want to mention that I found the bass was a bit overpowering after the build-up. I think if you just brought it down a notch is wouldn't be so distracting. I also found that the 'chorus' was a bit anti-climatic. I think you need something a little more rhythmic in there to give it more drive.

Nevertheless, well done on the track.

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durn responds:

Yee-haw, Jim-bobby! :) Thanks for the critical review, dude. I actually thought the bass was a bit soft myself as it's supposed to be the driving force but I feel ya just the same. As for the chorus, I wanted it that way, I'm a sucker for giving people a reason to raise their lighter (eep, I'm old, is it cellphones now?) in the air. ;) Not saying you're not right, just that I'm weird. :D

Agree with KarismatiK

Not a bad song... but it's not Dubstep, it's "Breakbeat" or "Breaks".

Nice tune though, definitely got a good groove.

Nice one...

I really like this one mate, it's very Noisia. Good work.

How about those bad boy glasses? Minimal style music composer. Reviews always welcome, cheers.

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