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I really enjoyed this game. Great graphics, catchy music and generally good fun.

Good work!

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tinime responds:

Thanks . :)

Not a bad effort.

I like the concept. Very simple design and easy to play. However, it was far too easy. I raced through it completing most levels in under 10 seconds. I also found the music a little boring after a while. I think this could be a pretty good game if you worked on it a bit more.


Maybe you could have different zones. Different backgrounds to keep interest with a different song for each zone.

More complicated shapes. Would have been nice to at least see a circle or two.

Different types of broadcasting towers. Perhaps one that could rotate a signal (like a lighthouse) or ones that could penetrate through certain barriers.

Anyway, all in all a good effort. I think you've got the basis here but could possibly have been a little more creative.

Awesome game

I thought this game was wicked. Being from England I liked the fact that you used the UK so dominantly ;) I thought the graphics were awesome. I did find it pretty hard though, which isn't such a bad thing but found myself in impossible situations quite often.

Also thank you for using my music, even though it's just a short loop, it was a privilege to hear it in a game that is actually worth playing.

Good work man, it's a 5 from me.

I-smel responds:

All the music in this game is fucking excellent.


Very true mate.

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Nav responds:

Ah, one who gets it.

Wicked Game...

Although the hard level is impossible. I can't manage to beat it.

Fantastic Game

This game is simply great. There's not much more I can say. Keep up the good work. Hope to see much more!

Good idea but...

Great idea to have controll over the thrown object but unfortunatly the graphics and over-all controll arn't all that good and there isn't alot of impact when bumping into objects.

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Great game, good job!

Wicked game with a great sound track. I never played the original starcraft so I can't comment on originality, but keep it up!

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How about those bad boy glasses? Minimal style music composer. Reviews always welcome, cheers.

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