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If you like my work...

2009-02-23 20:52:50 by Jimbobsthebest

Hi guys,

It's been a while since I've written anything in this space so I thought I'd update.

Erm, I guess I haven't been submitting any of my stuff to newgrounds lately as I haven't really been inspired to write anything new. So I thought I'd let you know that I'm up for a challenge at the moment. If you have any projects your working on that need music which is similar to the sort of stuff that I compose just drop me a PM and I'll see what I can do.

On the other hand if you don't like my work then feel free to tell me why. I'm always interested...

Anyway, thanks for checking me out. Bye for now.

Any artists???

2008-10-20 14:08:03 by Jimbobsthebest

I was wondering if anyone was able to help me out. I'm organising a club night at one of the local clubs and need help with the flyer design. I was wondering if any of you are able to come up with a graffiti style character on a pair of decks. The music on the night will be drum and bass, techno, breakbeats, dubstep etc so the whole underground graffiti look would fit quite nicely.

Unfortunately I wouldn't be able to pay any of you for your work but would be able to give credit to you on the flyer (name plus e-mail address or something). I know it wouldn't be directly profitable, but it would be a nice way to get your design out to a few hundred people.

There is also a deadline which is by the end of wednesday (22nd October). If anyone is interested please PM me with any questions you have.

More Music...

2007-10-06 08:25:07 by Jimbobsthebest

I'm back at university now, so I should have plenty of spare time to work on tunes. So i'm gonna try and get some more out on here soon.

Take it easy, Jimbobsthebest

Haven't found the time!

2007-09-03 15:37:41 by Jimbobsthebest

I'm not sure who reads this or what these are really for so forgive me if this i haven't done this properly.

Anyway if this is for just a quick bit of news about me then just to let everyone know that i'm working on an album with a friend at the moment and we're playing a few songs at a concert this friday. I can't post the piece up on the audio page as we are hopefully putting them on an album. So sorry for not posting for a while and i should hopefully be putting some new stuff up soon.

Take it easy, jimbobsthebest.