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Any artists???

2008-10-20 14:08:03 by Jimbobsthebest

I was wondering if anyone was able to help me out. I'm organising a club night at one of the local clubs and need help with the flyer design. I was wondering if any of you are able to come up with a graffiti style character on a pair of decks. The music on the night will be drum and bass, techno, breakbeats, dubstep etc so the whole underground graffiti look would fit quite nicely.

Unfortunately I wouldn't be able to pay any of you for your work but would be able to give credit to you on the flyer (name plus e-mail address or something). I know it wouldn't be directly profitable, but it would be a nice way to get your design out to a few hundred people.

There is also a deadline which is by the end of wednesday (22nd October). If anyone is interested please PM me with any questions you have.


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2009-02-17 01:42:01

Lol you only gave people 2 days warning...
It is now Feb 2009. I geuss im little late.

Jimbobsthebest responds:

Lol, yeah you may be just a tad late. Sorry mate.

Well I'm off to change my news post...